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I love this podcast!

The Lord led me to Love Life a little over a month ago! I was invited by Michelle in Denver to join her on the sidewalk. God used that experience to change my focus and direction of my life. Listening to this podcast is incredibly encouraging to those of us on the sidewalk. Thank you for the compassion you have for us that brings you to do these podcasts. Keep up the good work. I love listening to you guys!

Gospel centered podcast

I love listening to these! There is such good content and amazing information. I am new to the sidewalk ministry in the pro life movement. I can’t wait to listen to them all

Loving and biblical

This is a great resource for training sidewalk counselors. Daniel and Vicky have a long history in the ministry and being a voice for the preborn. Everything I hear from them is centered on honoring and glorifying Jesus.

So much truth in this podcast

This podcast encourages me every Thursday before I go out on the sidewalks

Thank you

Thank you Daniel and Vicky for your honesty and wisdom on this topic. The topics are relevant and engaging while I’m learning more about sidewalk ministry. I appreciate your commitment and devotion.

Awesome info!

Thank you for sharing the Bible and your heart! I’m eager to learn more from you two. Stay firm in the faith and know you are making a difference for the kingdom.

Speaking the truth in love

I thank the Lord for bring you to see the truth about LIFE!! God know how many children have been saved because of your obedience to the Lord’s calling!!

Best Pro-Life Podcast Around

I’m not a podcast person - and these are EXCELLENT and keep me coming back! So well done, wisdom shared with an incredibly winsome approach.

Speaking the truth in love

I love this podcast!! Thank you, guys for speaking the hard truth in love.

Life-Saving Advice & Encouragement

The negative reviews are from people who are pro-abortion. You can tell this podcast is making a difference for women & children and is glorifying God, because of all the flak they are taking. This means the Love Life sidewalk ministers are right over the target!

Great information

Thank you so much Daniel And Vickie. You have so much good information. Looking forward to more podcast. His bless you both. Thank you. For taking the time to help teach us. Great info. This was really helpful. God bless you both. ❤️

Great information

Thank you so much Daniel And Vickie. You have so much good information. Looking forward to more podcast. His bless you both.

Informative and Gospel Centered 10 stars!

The episodes have a great impact in my life! So blessed! Women and men need to hear the truths of abortion. Bringing in the Gospel is the truth that will give them life. God bless you guys! Keep doing this for God’s glory. Favorite episode is putting on the full armor of God, the 100th episode, and the episode on the Abortion pill reversal.

Wow, thank you!

This is a great podcast for not only anyone who is pro life, but us as Christians. I read some of these “Negative” reviews I will pray for them. Keep doing what you are doing. God bless you!

An amazing organization

We as Christians care about multiple lives when it comes to abortion. We care about the mother, who is scared and thinks abortion is the only option. We care about the father who doesn’t know the next move. We care about extended family, who might have mixed emotions and don’t know how to help. And of course, we care about the unborn baby. The tiny person who can’t say what he or she wants. We care about all lives.

Full of Grace and truth

The heartbeat of Jesus is so evident from Daniel and Vicky’s compassion and focus upon sharing the love and truth of the gospel. They give such practical tools and I’ve been equipped in so many ways through this podcast. Thank you!

Fruitful amazing ministry of LIFE!

Experienced sidewalk missionaries, Vicky and Daniel, effectively summarize helpful information in the defense of life. Always truthful and compassionate. Their personal lives exemplify their public message. These are two of my heroes.

So Thankful For This Podcast

It has been such a blessing to hear from godly, Christ centered, experienced Sidewalk Counselors sharing a wealth of encouraging, relevant, helpful and timely advice.

I have listened to one after the other

Thank you! I just discovered your podcast and have listened to one after the other. Very inspiring. I’m wondering how I can get involved now. Support from Florida! :)

Great podcast!

This was sooo helpful for me to get onto sidewalk counseling! Thank you!

Thank you

People may be leaving bad reviews, but you’re doing a great work! Thank you!

Top notch

Great info! Keep the stories coming! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. Keep fighting the good fight of faith! ❤️🙌


Truly inspiration and refreshing. I thank God for Daniel and Vicky and the work they do.


Amazing podcast, amazing mission!


the abortions i have yet to have are gonna be in heaven like👼👼

C4L full of love, truth, and compassion

Thank you for sharing truth! Thank you for loving on these mama’s and thank you for caring about the lives of our most innocent. The hatred you experience is only because they hate the truth. May God continue to protect you and bless you.


Didnt Vicky deletus a fetus? Cmon sis.