Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast

Love Life

These podcasts have been an absolute wonderful instrument to teaching me and guiding me and helping women and men at the abortion clinics to Monique fully informed decision about abortion. If they choose to have an abortion, we respect that although we don’t like it, we also offer then help for healing. Many as many women have cursed me and said horrible obscene things to me, I like to focus more on the women who have thanked me for being there, on the women who have come looking for usSeeking help, and the women who are on their way out stopped to talk to us and found help and hope for them and their baby.Thank you for this podcast I may the Lord Jesus Christ continue to use us all as his servants to share his love with everyone who’ll stop and listen.
God bless you!

Oct. 21, 2022 by MemOlga on Apple Podcasts

Gospel-Centered Pro-Life Podcast